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Math Doesn’t Suck

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What it is: Danica McKellar (also known as Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years) has written a book called Math Doesn’t Suck.  Danica makes her love for math contagious and helps middle school girls to realize that Math Doesn’t Suck.  On the Math Doesn’t Suck website, students can take a fun quiz called “Do You Hide Your Smarts (especially around guys)”, access a full solution guide to accompany the Math Doesn’t Suck book, learn more about the book, and get news and book signings.  

How to integrate Math Doesn’t Suck into the classroom: There is a large population of girls (particularly in middle school) who believe that they are no good at math, they have already convinced themselves that girls are not as good at math as boys.  They may believe that it isn’t cool or fashionable to be good at math.  Danica aims to change these perceptions with her fun book Math Doesn’t Suck. If you teach girls in middle school math, start the year off with the “Do You Hide Your Smarts” quiz.  It could give you great insight to what your girls believe about themselves in relation to math.  Start a book club or assign Math Doesn’t Suck as reading to start your year.  The book is a fun read that girls will connect with.   Help transform your students perceptions of math and begin the year with girls who believe that they can be successful and good at math.  The book includes

  • A unique Troubleshooting Guide to help students get “unstuck” and overcome their biggest challenges
  • True stories from Danica’s own life as a terrified math student, confident actress, and everything in between
  • A math horoscope, math personality quizzes, real-life testimonials, and more!

Tips: In the trouble shooting section, students will find solutions to these common math problems:

  • “Math bores me to death.”
  • “When it’s time to do Math, I get scared and try to avoid it.”
  • “I get confused and lost during class.”
  • “I think I understand something, but then I get the wrong answer in my homework.”
  • “At test time, I freeze up and can’t remember anything.”

Please leave a comment and share how you are using Math Doesn’t Suck in your classroom.

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  1. We have this book in our school library and it has been borrowed quite a bit. It is particularly appropriate for our school as we are a girls’ school.

  2. Judith, that is great that your library carries the book and it is so popular with the girls. I wish it had been around when I was lamenting math!

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