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Jigsaw Planet

What it is: Well, it is the first week of school which for me means that it is rules week.  Every teacher has to go over the rules at some point and it is usually met by major groans from students.  This year I approached rules week differently.  I used an awesome site called Jigsaw Planet to turn my rules into jigsaw puzzles.  Jigsaw Planet is a site that makes it simple to create custom jigsaw puzzles.  Just upload a jpeg image to the site, choose how many pieces you want, what shape you want the pieces to be and Jigsaw Planet does the rest.  You instantly have a custom interactive puzzle for your students to play!  The puzzles can be saved for your own account, shared with students via a url, or embedded into your classroom website for easy access. How to integrate Jigsaw Planet into the classroom: Jigsaw Planet puzzles are AMAZING to use with an interactive whiteboard!  Each puzzle is timed as you put it together, split students into teams to see which team can complete the puzzle the fastest.  Instead of the typical PowerPoint type presentation to teach students facts, create a puzzle for them to put together and have them read the fact once the puzzle has been completed.  Turn your classroom rules into a series of jigsaw puzzles for students to put together.  Honor your star student of the week by creating a puzzle of that student, just take a picture of the student and upload to Jigsaw Planet. Put the puzzle of the student on your classroom website to honor them.  Students can use Jigsaw Planet to create their own puzzles.  This is a great place for them to study, they can upload spelling words, math facts, maps, etc.  Students will love creating their own jigsaw puzzles, if they have their own blog or website they can embed the puzzles right into their online space.  If you have a projector or an interactive whiteboard, have students create a puzzle all about them.  They can create a collage of things they like in a presentation program, take a screen shot of it, and upload the puzzle to Jigsaw Planet.  Students can put together each other’s puzzles and guess who the student is based on the pictures.  This would be a great getting to know you activity! Tips: I split students into two teams.  Each team would complete a puzzle using our new Mimio interactive whiteboard, the fastest time was the winner of that round.  When the puzzle was completed, students would read the rule and we would discuss in depth.  This made rule day fun for the kids and much more enjoyable for me! [wp_eStore_buy_now_fancy id=2] Leave a comment and share how you are using Jigsaw Planet in your classroom.

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iPad Curriculum

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I must be crazy, that is the only explanation I have for starting yet another blog!  iPad Curriculum is a new blog I am starting today where I will post app and web app reviews, highlight educational tools that work seamlessly on the iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone, and give tips and tricks for using the iPad/iPod Touch in the classroom.

If you follow my blog regularly, you know I am working on an iPad research study with elementary students (help with funding by voting here).  I thought that as long as I was collecting and reviewing all of these resources, I should share them with all of you!  I’m not sure how frequently I will be posting yet, it may be once a day or several times a day depending on what I find and what I have going on.  For now, there is one lonely post but it will give you the idea of what the blog is all about.

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And I am researching its use and apps for District Administrators. I have links to apps and articles that admins may find useful. I am trying to keep the price to free since we know what budgets are like! I am adding a section to our website with the information for a future workshop for the admins in the four-county area I help support with technology (about 50 districts).

I agree! You are crazy! Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly… you already ever sleep, when will you write this new blog?? 🙂 Seriously though, as we have just started our iTouch journey, this will be helpful to us. thanks!

I look forward to your enlightening posts 🙂

What a great idea kelly, you certainly are a dedicated teacher!

Thank you Judith! I can always count on you for kind words to keep me going!

Ed, no promises on the frequency yet 🙂 I’m glad that you will be able to use it!

That sounds great! I look forward to that blog of yours. My niece just turned 1 and she’s already using an ipad. We feel like she is learning faster using it rather than watching cartoons. iPad is really an amazing tool!

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Have you run across entire school year curriculums for the iPad?

No I haven’t run across entire school year curriculum created for the iPad. In my opinion, this is what makes it great for education, the ability to tailor learning to students needs instead of working from a standard set.

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