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Project PLN Take 2

Yesterday was the release of Project PLN, it didn’t come without some hiccups in the form of technical difficulties.  First Openzine seemed to have crashed and then Slideshare didn’t want to make our document public. Stressful after the build up Nick and I had so carefully planned out.  It happens!  If you were affected by the difficulties yesterday, let me share the Openzine version here for you.  Hopefully it will be nothing but smooth sailing from here 🙂  We so appreciate all of your encouragement, thoughtful comments, and passing our idea on to others!  For those of you asking how you can contribute to the next Project PLN, please take a look at the Mission: Project PLN article from Nick and I.  Nick gives you a list of our upcoming topics and offers a variety of ways to submit your work.

projectpln10 – Project PLN Issue 1 PLNs

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  1. You guys are so awesomely amazing. I say you should be running for President next time around. Your creativity and ideas blow me away.

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