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Interactive book from Google: 20 Things I Learned

What it is: Google has done it again with a new online e-book called 20 Things I Learned.  This interactive e-book is your guide to how browsers and the web work, how the World Wide Web has evolved, cloud computing,  and what we need to know to navigate the web safely.  The book has an enchanting quality with its humorous approach to the web (love the titles) and fun illustrations.  This guide-book is one you will want to share with all of your colleagues, relatives, friends, students…you will want to dive into it yourself.

How to integrate 20 Things I Learned into your curriculum: This handy little online book is a great one to share with students.  Share an individual chapter (called a thing) or the whole book.  Here your students can learn all about the web, how to keep themselves safe, and will know the difference between cloud computing and a web app.  20 Things I Learned is also a must share with your co-workers, neighbors, mom, grandpa, and the rest of the crew that is constantly calling you for your tech expertise.

Tips: Each page has a little red bookmark that drops down, scroll over the bookmark to share the thing on Twitter, Facebook, or printout.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using 20 Things I Learned in your classroom!

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  1. Any credit give to Curious George. First thing I thought of was how they took Curious George and put a human face on him. Sorry Curious George.

  2. I love the book not only for its content and style but for its technical aspects. Many on-line magazines and books have failed to do what is so elegantly done with this book. While I am not a teacher, I would love to have Google provide the framework they used to generate the book be available to everyone particularly so kids of all ages can create beautiful stories and illustrations. These books can be shared with other kids (and grown-ups) around the world. People collaborating to create electronic books (get the idea people, the story people, and the illustrators together) would add another dimension to this approach.

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