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Did you know that I am other places around these interwebs other than iLearn Technology?  It’s true!  Sometimes I have to remind myself that not all of my readers have been with me since 2007 hanging on my every word (I know, I’m shocked too) and may need a refresher from time to time on where else they can find me.

I used to be a computer teacher and technology integration specialist. These days I am still working in education as a consultant, offering PD, writing, and working on starting a school.  When I was a computer teacher, I taught elementary and made this website for my students.  It is separated by grade and subject and has my very favorite websites (at the time- I haven’t updated it recently) on it.  These are what I used most often with my students and needed fast access to.  I bet you will find some fun websites you can use with your students, or pass it along to your students knowing that everything they find there will be a safe place for them to be.

I write another education blog that is a collection of my dreams for what I want education to be. It is called Dreams of Education, not as many followers there but great conversations!

I freelance write for The Apple on occasion about a variety of topics, usually technology, always education.

I keep a blog where I record great stories of learning, it is called Stories of Learning (imagine that!)

I keep a blog all about iDevices (iPods, iPads, iPhone) apps and their uses in education it is called iPad Curriculum.

I have a Facebook fan page for iLearn Technology.

I write with other incredible bloggers on Cooperative Catalyst and Confident Teacher.

I am an Apple fanatic and have written two magazines about using Apple products in education. (I wish I had time to do some more of these!)

I am on Linked In here (I’m not very active there but check in on occasion when I remember to).

I am on Twitter here (I am good about checking in here).

I have created a few websites that I used with my students but will share with you including:


Internet Safety for Parents

iVerb Project

Web 2.0 Advent Calendar

(I’m pretty sure I have more of these floating around but this is what comes to mind at the moment- I tend to make a website for EVERY project I have going at any given time :))

I do keep social bookmarks but use a platform that doesn’t seem to be free to use any more (except for me?) Simply Box.

When in doubt, search ktenkely it is the name I use everywhere on the interwebs.

A few tips and tricks for iLearn Technology- if you are searching for ANYTHING type in the keywords into my search box…9 out of 10 you will find something great!  Don’t know exactly what you are looking for? Do a multiple category search (find it to the right of this post in the sidebar).  Select items from as many of the drop downs as you would like and click “search” Every post or tool that matches that criteria will come up.  I sort posts according to Blooms Taxonomy level, grade level, subject, and resource type.  Go ahead and give it a try, I know you will find something you can use!

iLearn Technology has a store- in it I sell lesson plans, flipcharts (for use on the Promethean), and my Bloom’s Taxonomy images (Peacock, Umbrella, Tree, and Pin wheel). They are all $.99/ download.  I use this money to keep my blogs and websites going.  I add to my store occasionally so check back every once in a while for some new finds.

I am a Promethean certified trainer (although it has been 6 month since I have done a training!) I keep my Promethean resources here.

I hope in all of these resources you find something that is helpful for you!

Founder of Anastasis Academy, The Learning Genome Project, 5Sigma Education Conference, tech integration specialist, instructional coach, writer, dreamer.

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  1. Great post Kelly. In addition to being impressive simply for the sheer volume of your work, posts like this one provide a much needed “one stop shop” for educators trying to sift through the seemingly unending maze of ed tech resources.

    Keep leading the charge. The future is unknown. The path to change is often uncertain and hazy. But those of us who would walk this path need bright lights like you.

  2. Thank you for this post of amazing resources. I am one of those readers who only recently discovered you (and only because of Twitter)

    Keep doing what you’re doing and sharing. I know that I really appreciate it and I’m sure other teachers will as well.

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