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Wiimote Whiteboard in action

So here it is…I finally got a few quiet min to get a video made. It isn’t the greatest but hopefully it will show you just how great the Wiimote Whiteboard is. My students are going nuts for it. As soon as they walk into my classroom I hear “Sweet a Wii, are we using a Wii today?” It immediately hooks them, not sure how long that benefit will be there but for this week I am loving it!

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  1. If you have no whiteboards in your school,do you need some special equipment or software to do this with a wii remote?

    Can you tell me more about how to set it up?

    I love geting all your information.
    Where do you find it and when do you find time to find it all?


  2. Kelly
    We have written a comprehensive setup guide to setting up the Wiimote IWB I suggest you check it out as it has many tips on how to provide advanced functionality to your Wiimote IWB.

    Ben 🙂

  3. I want share with you a free program to be used with interactive whiteboard

    Ardesia enables you to make colored free-hand annotations on your computer screen, record it and share on the network.

    This is especially useful when making presentations, to highlight things or point out things of interest.

    The tool facilitates the online presentations and demos showing in real time your computer screen to anyone in the network.

    Ardesia is XInput-Aware, so if you have a mouse, a graphic tablet, a touch screen, a wiimote whiteboard or a commercial whiteboard; you can draw lines with different strength, select color, erase things and draw arrows.

    You can free-hand draw geometrical shapes using the shape recognizer, insert text with the keyboard and highlight screen areas. You can draw upon the desktop or select an image as background.

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