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SnipSnip.It: Share the best parts of online video

What it is: I don’t know about you, but I am constantly finding great videos online to share with my students.  The problem: I usually only want a small portion of the whole video.  I use SnipSnip.It to crop the video down to only the parts I want to share with students.  SnipSnip.It is easy to use, just copy and paste a YouTube url, choose the start and end point and click “snip”.  Easy! After snipping your video you can embed the shortened video on a website or blog or share the shortened video with a link.  The other benefit: all of the YouTube extras (a.k.a. distractions) are eliminated in the SnipSnip.It version.  Not. Too. Shabby.

How to integrate SnipSnip.It into the classroom: If you happen to be in a school or district that has not blocked YouTube, you are going to find SnipSnip.It very handy!  This is a great way to crop videos to share with students either by URL or embedding the shortened video into a class blog or website.  Even if your school doesn’t have access to YouTube, this may be a great way to try out the Fisch Flip and encourage your students to watch the snipped videos at home in preparation for class the next day.

Tips: This service is so easy that I have no fancy schmancy tips; I’ll just leave you with this: stay classy!

Please leave a comment and share how you are using SnipSnip.It in your classroom!

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