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Cyberkidz: games for math, literacy, geography, creativity and science

What it is: Cyberkidz is a great new website packed full of great learning practice games for kids age 4 to 11.  The games reinforce skills in a variety of disciplines including math, literacy, geography, creativity and science.

Math– amounts, pattern, scale, number recognition, counting, scale, sums to 10, sums to 20, weights, multiplication, telling time, money, measurement, calendar, volume, percentage, distance, division, mathmix, area

Literacy– letter recognition, alphabetical order, hangman, crosswords, typing, singular and plural words, sayings and quotes, learning Spanish, learning Dutch

Geography– America, state capitals, countries of the world, Asia, Africa, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, flags

Creative– painting, music, coloring, maze

Science– food for animals, skeletal system, body parts, animals, solar system, mammals, the eye

The games in each category are great for practice and skill building.

How to integrate Cyberkidz into the classroom: Cyberkidz is a fun place for students to work on the knowledge level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  The music game is the only creative game that I would truly place in the “create” category of Bloom’s Taxonomy because it gives students free rein to explore music and create a recording.   The majority of the games are designed to help students build skills and remember key concepts that are a necessary foundation for other learning.  These are a nice alternative to worksheet skill practice.  Students will enjoy the game quality of these practice activities.  Each activity can be advanced through relatively quickly making them perfect as a center on classroom computers.  Students can visit the game as a math, literacy, geography or science “practice” center before advancing to put those newly honed skills to work in a higher order thinking center.

These practice activities could also be completed as a class using an interactive whiteboard or projector connected computer.  Split students into teams and rotate them up to the whiteboard for a class practice session.

Tips: On each game screen, students can scroll to the bottom for instructions on the game.  Most of the games are pretty self-explanatory and kids will figure them out quickly.

Please leave a comment and share how you are using  Cyberkidz in your classroom!

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  1. The games are cute and I think would be great skill practice in a fun way for many of my kids…..but I think the format of choosing by age level will be a problem. My 4th grade kids may really need to practice a skill listed as for a 6 year old. They would be mortified to have to click on 6 year old. I have sent a suggestion to the website that perhaps they could list the levels differently or make the games open in new windows so a teacher could link to a game without the student needing to see that it is a game listed for a much younger learner.

  2. Okay, since I wrote to Cyberkids this morning with my concern about the ages, they have already gotten back to me telling me how to solve my problem! How great to get such a prompt response! They said:

    You can save the link to a game by right-clicking the thumbnail of the game once, and selecting the Copy shortcut. Now you can Paste the direct link/url into your website or addressbar, or simply save it in Notepad.

    You can also select the games through the sitemap, link is at the bottom of every page. The age is less obvious on this page.

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