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Pinterest Classroom Inspiration Roundup

Holy Smokes. It has been a CRAZY couple of weeks.  Don’t let anyone tell you that starting a school is an insane amount of work; that is a piece of cake compared to ending your first school year!  Blogging has obviously taken a back seat.  It feels strange not to blog every day after making that a habit over the last 4 years.

Today is dedicated to Pinterest.  I find so many fantastic things that spark ideas for must-dos at Anastasis. I’m sharing a few of  them here. I hope they spark some ideas for your classrooms!









This year we did some composting, this was followed by planting seedlings in newspaper just like this.  Each student made a newspaper “pot” for their seeds. We love that it is biodegradable!








We are ending the year at Anastasis with a Storyline Expo. This is a showcase of student work throughout the year. We wanted to show a progression of learning and a timeline seemed like a great way to do it.







We are making preparations for our first field day.  Water noodle target practice looked like a great activity.  What are we most excited about? A food truck for lunch.  We are cool like that.









We have spent a good majority of the year sharing wishes and dreams. For our storyline expo, we are creating silhouettes of students sharing what they love about our school.







We have done SO many hands on experiments throughout the year.  This one was particularly neat to visualize weather in a cup.









We took pictures of all the kids “holding-on” to rope like this.  They made great bookmarks for our first ever read-in!











Every student created a poster with this quote on it. It so perfectly summarizes what we believe about students and learning.






This is SUCH a great way to practice equations and algebra. Each number on the clock is represented by an equation. Our students made some unique “geeky” clocks this year.








We really wanted students to find freedom in their learning this year.  Creating unique thumbprints with information and thoughts from each student was a great way to kick this thought process off.  They turned out great!










Words we live by daily!



To see the originals of these images (and many more), visit my Pinterest Classroom Inspiration page. Pinterest is my guilty pleasure, I add to it even when I don’t have time to blog!   If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet, I highly recommend it.  Fair warning: it is addicting!
























































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  1. Also a lover of Pinterest. There is so much wealth in creative ideas around the world and I’ve found Pinterest to be the best place for me to gather it all together for quick usage. See that we have many of the same items pinned. I’m at

  2. I love pinterest too! As this year was my first year of teaching I was pinning stuff that I’ve made (to remember it for next year) along with other awesome classrooms. I didn’t get to do too many of the pins that I pinned this year but hope that next year I will be able to do more. I’ve seen those bookmarks on pinterest, but the more I think about it, the more I want to do it. I hate how all my books have all the pages folded over. I have spent so much money on books and after one year they are already looking like they need to go to the ‘book hospital’. Maybe if the kids have a cool bookmark like that they will be more inclined to actually use them. I also like the wishes pin. Even in 5th grade I think this could be a great beginning of the year activity. One that we could re-visit near the end of the year to see how far we have come.

  3. I have tried several times on trying to Make weather in a cup recipe and “I wish Dandelion” how to also did get recipe to make slime but not so beautiful as your slime soooo irredesint. Please sent me YOUR web-page. Love your work and artistry.

  4. This is all on my Pinterest boards Diane 🙂 We just used the pinterest board inspiration. You can find me if you search Kelly Tenkely!

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