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Library for All Six Degrees of Education


I greatly appreciate people who recognize a problem and work in new, innovative ways to solve it. Today I learned about Library for All, who has just launched a truly innovative campaign to eradicate illiteracy in the developing world. The campaign is called Six Degrees of Education. Library for All is building on the theory of “six degrees of separation” to reach some key donors and influencers, such as George Lucas and Queen Rania. People who can help achieve the mission of providing access to books for millions of children in developing countries through the Library for all digital library.

Check out the Six Degrees of Education Library For All page and let’s see how our six degrees of separation can help spread literacy virally! Share on social media sites, when you are chatting with friends, or networking at a conference. According to the the six degrees of separation, if everyone who read this blog participated, we could help Library for All reach this goal in no time!

I relish the summer time because it provides me the opportunity to read, learn, and read some more. Everyone should know that gift! We can help, join me in spreading the word about Library for All’s Six Degrees of Education Campaign!

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  1. Library for All is a wonderful program that will help to spread literacy as well as improve technology use. This program can help students to reach their full potential through reading which is a fundamental tool that students need to learn from an early age. Library for All can also be used to cut down on the amount of books that need to be printed per year since most books can be accessed through technology such as tablets or laptops. I will definitely share Library for All on my social media sites and when speaking with friends/colleagues in hope that all students will have the opportunity to take advantage of this program.

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