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What it is:  Statetris brings one of my all time favorite Nintendo games into the education realm.  Statetris mixes aspects of the game Tetris and geography.  Instead of positioning typical Tetris blocks, students position states or countries to their proper location.  There are 3 levels to play Statetris.  The easiest level gives students the shape and name of the state or country.  The medium level gives the students the state or country that rotates with the name of the state or country.  The hardest level gives students the sate or country rotating without a label.  The medium and hard levels can be very difficult because you get a state or country that isn’t straight up and down but may be rotated. Students can play Statetris with a map of the United States, Africa, Brazil, China, Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, and UK.  

How to integrate Statetris into the classroom:  Statetris is a great place for students to learn and practice geography.  The familiar game platform is popular with students and will be a fun way to memorize geography locations.  This is the perfect place for students to study before a geography test.  

Tips:  Save this site in your bookmark bar for easy access.  This is a great site for kids to visit when they complete work early and are looking for extension activities. 


Please leave a comment and share how you are using Statetris in your classroom.


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