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Check123: Video Encyclopedia


What it is: Check 123 is a new video encyclopedia site for kids. All videos are validated and ranked by Check123 professionals, are 1-3 minutes in length, and a curated on just about any subject you can think of.  Broad topics covered on Check123 include: history, sports, politics, food, performing arts, economics, earth, nature, tech, philosophy, music, cars, pets, human body, arts, geography, religion, psychology, TV, gaming, science, literature, fashion, media, and space.

How to integrate Check 123 into your classroom: Check123 is a great place for students to begin their research. These videos are between 1 and 3 minutes each, keeping students engaged in a topic and giving them bite-size information. I like that the videos are so well curated, it keeps search results on topic rather than the endless dig for quality content that can happen in a YouTube  search. Check123 videos are also wonderful as provocations for further inquiry. The short format gives students just enough information to whet their appetites and encourage additional questioning. Check123 is a great one to keep bookmarked on classroom and library computers for quick reference.

Video is the preferred learning method of 90% of our students at Anastasis, when they do a search, they usually begin on a video site. With Check123, they are sure to get some quality results back to kick start their learning and research.

Tips: Check123 is free for teachers!

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  1. I am currently attending college to complete my master’s degree in education. My program is integrating technology into the classroom. My assignment was to find three blogs and respond to a post. I like the design and theme of your blog. It is very inviting and relates to the educational world. I enjoyed reading your post in regards to Meet Check 123. I am currently working on finding new apps and resources to use within my classroom. I find Meet Check 123 kid friendly and easy to use. Like you mentioned, the videos are short but provide information and visual aids. This could be very effective when completing a research paper or continuing their education.
    Thank you for creating such a nice blog. I look forward to viewing your upcoming posts and ideas.
    Mrs. B

  2. Like WaldenMasters stated, I am also getting my master’s degree and came across your blog. As I read your post about Check123, I couldn’t help but think that this would be a great tool for students to start their research. I often tell them to do a quick Google search to get enough background information to start their search; however, so many students just take the first information they find on Google as fact. This site would be perfect to avoid general Google searches. Thank you for your post and I look forward to reading more!

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