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What it is:   I am on a little bit of a math resource kick.  It happens from time to time when someone asks about a resource for a particular project they are working on.  I get searching and find outstanding resources for whatever the subject is.  This week I was on a math quest.  Math Glossary is one of my great finds of the week.  This glossary, created by Harcourt, will help students in grades kindergarten through sixth understand math vocabulary.  The glossary is easily searched by grade and alphabetic order.  The glossary doesn’t just define math vocabulary for students, it shows them what it looks like!  Each word and definition can be read to students by clicking on the speaker icon next to the word.  


How to integrate Math Glossary into the classroom:  Math Glossary is the perfect place for students to learn and discover math vocabulary.  The visual representation is especially perfect for your visual learners.  Use the Math Glossary as a beginning place to introduce math concepts.  Students can look up key vocabulary for the new math concept in the Math Glossary.  Have them describe what they are seeing.  Having a good base to build on makes all the difference!  Keep the Math Glossary up on one of the classroom computers during math class as a math resource center.  Students can use the Math Glossary as they need during math class.  


Tips: Bookmark the Math Glossary on your class computers for easy access for students.


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Math Glossary in your classroom.

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  1. I actually have it linked on the side of my math homework help blog for students and parents as the “Talking Math Dictionary.” (I teach second grade) I encourage parents to use it with their children at home to help with homework. I also allow students to log onto computers in the classroom and access it as part of our classroom word wall.

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