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Get Smarter


What it is:   Get Smarter is an animated, interactive testing and learning site for science and math.  Students can practice their science and math skills by working on the animated activities and compare their score with other students their age from around the world.  Nothing like a little healthy competition to get your students studying voluntarily!  Get Smarter is broken into levels, elementary, middle school, and high school to ensure that their scores are measured against other students at their level.  


How to integrate Get Smarter into the classroom:  Competition in the classroom is a great motivator.  Since your students will be collectively ‘competing’ against students from around the world, they are working together as a class to help raise their countries average scores.  Use Get Smarter in the computer lab setting as a place for students to practice and review the skills and concepts they are learning in math and science class.  In the one or two computer classroom, students can work in teams or as a math or science center.  Keep the competition going year round to see if your students can help raise the averages.  


Tips: Be sure to visit the student page at each level to find some more great classroom sites.


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Get Smarter in your classroom.

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