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Cost of NCLB Testing Info Graphic ($5.3 billion is TOO high)

Lately I have been wondering about how much state testing costs us.  There are a lot of costs involved in standardized testing.  In addition to the cost of administering, grading, and recording the test, there are other less tangible costs such as the impact on learning.  Curious, I sent out a tweet asking if anyone had info on how much testing cost (I was coming up empty in a Google search).  A few of my PLN sent me a link to Stateline.org where I found this: I knew the numbers would be high, but this is shocking. All of that money per state for testing.  I started wondering what else that money could have been used for and sent out another tweet, this time asking what one thing teachers would want in their classrooms if money was no object.  The info graphic above holds the results. The info graphic is based on the following numbers (links to data sources): iPod Touch 4 $229 iPad $499 Average cost of children’s books $21 Soccer ball $10 64 Count Box of Crayola Crayons $5 Exercise ball (to use as chair replacements) $20 Price/square foot for school addition $222 Paraprofessional Salary/year $26,000 Violin $340 I don’t know about you, but every one of those items above feels like a better use of money. Image links: Pencils, Exercise ball, iPod Touch 4, iPad, Soccer Ball, Crayons, Violin [wp_eStore_fancy1 id=11]

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Lunarpages Free Education Web Hosting

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What it is:  Lunarpages is a web hosting web service that offers free hosting to k-12 educators and schools!  The free web hosting is intended to be used by teachers only (individual student web hosting is not available).  Lunarpages will provide a free web builder, free unlimited phone and email support, unlimited email addresses and FTP accounts, 500MB of storage, 20GB data transfer, and one free domain name registration for each account.   The only stipulation?  You must have a banner ad somewhere on the site that says that Lunarpages donated the site…thats it!  


How to integrate Lunarpages into the classroom:  Lunarpages hosting is an excellent option for those of you who enjoy building your websites with software like iWeb.  It is also an excellent option for a class website built with the web builder Lunarpages provides.  Classroom websites are an outstanding way to communicate with parents and students about the goings on in your classroom.


Tips:   The free web hosting is only available for k-12 public schools. Learn about how to get your free web hosting with Lunarpages here.


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Lunarpages in your classroom.

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