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Science Museum: Launch Ball

What it is: Here is another one I found thanks to @kjarrett.  Science Museum features a game called Launch ball.  Students are given a series of challenges to get a ball from one point to another through an obstacle course.  The trick is they have to build the obstacle course so that the ball naturally flows to the goal after dropping into the play zone.


How to integrate Science Museum Launch Ball into the classroom:  This is a great puzzle/game site to use with your students to get them to approach problems creatively and work through solutions with trial and error.  The game is addicting and will have your students solving problems and thinking logically about how different objects interact with one another.  I love using these mind benders with students, they are elated when they solve a puzzle!    Each time students complete a level, they will learn fun science facts.  After your students have all of the levels down, they can create their own obstacle courses for other students to solve.  


Tips:  This is a great game to introduce in science class.  I also love using this site with students on indoor recess days!


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Launch Ball in your classroom.

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