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Obama’s Inauguration Speech

What it is: Barak Obama’s inauguration speech is taking place tomorrow morning!  Make sure that your students (regardless of age) are a part of this historic moment.  Wouldn’t it be neat if your students remembered sitting in your classroom watching and discussing the speech?  Hulu is going to host the speech live.  Because traffic to Hulu is bound to be heavy, I am also going to embed the speech right here on iLearn Technology.  Feel free to come here and watch the speech with me!  


How to integrate Obama’s Inauguration Speech into the classroom:  It isn’t every day that you can watch history in the making live in your classroom!  This is a historic moment that every student should be a part of.  Come back to iLearn Technology or Hulu to view the speech live.  It might be fun to make up a speech bingo card and see how many of the words students can pick out of the speech.  I’m sure a ready made bingo card will pop up somewhere!  If it does, I will update this post with the link.  


Tips: It will be interesting to see what people are saying about the speech via Twitter! 


Leave a comment and tell us how your students responded to the speech.

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I love it. I’ve used a couple ideas already with my 5th graders. I like how you not only introduce us to a site but share some ideas on how to use it in the class room.

    Keep Blogging!


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