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What it is:  Movavi is a free, online video converter.  What I love about Movavi is its ease of use, there is no software to install and the site doesn’t have ads.  Enter a URL of a video or upload a file, choose your preferred output format, and enter your email address.  That is it! Movavi does the rest for you, you will get an email with a link to download the video.  Simple!  


How to integrate Movavi into the classroom: Movavi is great for those schools where YouTube and other video websites are blocked.  You can download the video for your class and view the downloaded version without worrying about it being blocked.  It is also great for those times when bandwidth is an issue.  Download the video and you won’t have to worry about a choppy video during peak Internet use times of the day.  After a video is downloaded, it can be viewed on a machine that isn’t Internet connected.  Embed the downloaded videos into PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.   You can even convert 5 videos at a time and have them merged into one video as part of the conversion process.


Tips:  Make sure you know which video formats play best on your computer before converting video.


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Movavi in your classroom.

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  1. I love this application. I’ve used it several times. I recently helped my daughter use it to convert a news story saved as a flash file, convert it to an mpeg, so her teacher could play it for the class, and she got extra credit. Rock on!

    Thanks for providing a super website resource.

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