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What it is: FontStruct is a free website that lets students build, share, and download fonts that they create in a simple font editor.  First students name their font, then they use the font editor to draw each character of the alphabet using font bricks and a grid system.  After each character has been created, the font can be downloaded and added to the fonts folder to be used in any word processing program or desktop presentation program.


How to integrate FontStruct into the classroom:  It would be fun to come up with a class font where each student is responsible for a letter in the font.  The font could be used for typing practice, or as a header for newsletters that go home each week. FontStruct is a motivating environment for students to practice forming their letters.  They love knowing that they created a font of their very own.  The fonts can be used for anything, I have found that my students love creating a font and using it for typing practice or as titles for projects or slide shows.  If you are creating a class font, this can be done on an interactive whiteboard or on a classroom computer.  If each student will be creating their own font, individual computers are needed.  


Tips:  FontStruct does require registration with an email address.  In my class, I created a school username and password so that each student didn’t have to register for an account individually. 


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using FontStruct in your classroom.

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