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Disney’s Surfswell Island

What it is: Disney’s Surfswell Island is a fun interactive island where students learn about internet safety with Disney characters. Students go on an Indiana Jones type adventure with Mickey Mouse and friends around Surfswell Island to learn internet safety.

How to integrate Disney’s Surfswell Island into the classroom: Before using the Internet in your classroom, make sure your students know the rules of the Internet. Disney’s Surfswell Island is just the place to learn and practice the rules of the Internet. When students complete the challenges of Surfswell Island, they will be able to print out a certificate of completion.

Tips: Use this site several times throughout the year to keep the rules of the Internet fresh in students minds. Be sure to check out the teachers guide for this site!

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  1. Help! I adore using Surfswell Island with my 3rd grade students every year and have built a whole curricular unit around it! When trying to access the aussie version link, it will not load the game. It simply gets to the screen where it shows the box where the game usually loads, but it never does = only a black box and the page says “done” on the bottom of the screen. Am using IE8 on Win7 on district computers, have disable all popup blockers. Have also tried from home on vista = all to no avail!

  2. Gwen, Surfswell Island is one of those sites that is active and then not. I found it embedded on a completely new site, I’ll see if I can track that down and post the link here!

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