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What it is:  Wizlite is a handy little web tool that lets you highlight text (just like you would on paper) on any page on the Internet and then share it with others.  Wizlite uses a a Firefox extension or a bookmarklet to show and store selections.  It is free and easy to use!

How to integrate Wizlite into the classroom:  Wizlite is a handy tool for directing your students to specific information while they are learning on the web.  Use Wizlite to teach your students to find the main idea on a webpage.  Students can create groups on Wizlite and share pages with their highlights with other students.  Wizlite is also very useful for sharing portions of webpages with  your colleagues quickly and easily.  


Tips:  Wizlite does require you to install an extension.  This is easy to do and the Wizlite site walks you through the steps. 


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Wizlite in your classroom.

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