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What it is:  DoInk is an outstanding free illustration and animation creator.  The site has tools that are similar in feel and function to Adobe’s flash.   DoInk creates custom animations right inside your Internet browser.  There is an explore section where you and your students can get some inspiration for animations.  DoInk provides tutorials for illustrating and animating making it easy to get started.

How to integrate DoInk into the classroom:   Adobe products not in the budget?  DoInk is a fantastic alternative to Flash.  DoInk would be a great way to familiarize students with the basics of animation that will lead nicely into using more robust programs like Flash.  Allow students to create mini animations to demonstrate science concepts (think life cycles, rock cycles, water cycle, etc.).  Students can also create short animations to display an understanding of verbs.  Since verbs are action words, an animation is a great way to show the action.


Tips: DoInk requires registration with a username and password.  For elementary students, I find it helpful to create one class account where students can create.  This keeps you from having to keep track of a class full of login information.  It also makes it simple to keep track of student work.


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using DoInk  in your classroom.

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  1. Thank you for your nice comments about DoInk. We love seeing our tools used in schools We recently released an iPad App of our tools, the DoInk Vector Animator & it was selected as a best “App to Buy for the Holidays”
    Great to inspire creativity & imagination. Can be used in storytelling, creating book reports, presentations, etc. Questions? Please contact Thank you!

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