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Linux Comics


What it is:   The Linux open source operating system is gaining popularity in schools because of the enormous savings that open source can offer.  Ubuntu is the most popular Linux operating system in schools, learn more about it here.   Hackett and Bankwell Worldwide have created two comic books that are designed to teach readers about Linux.  There are two free e-book downloads that take the reader on a journey with the iconic Linux penguin.  The first e-book focuses specifically on Ubuntu.

How to integrate Linux Comics into the classroom:   These comics are an outstanding resource to learn about Linux and the Linux operating system Ubuntu.  I learned a lot myself reading through these!  Use these comics to teach students, or read though them yourself to get a better understanding of Linux.  Whether you use Linux at your school or not, it is important to expose students to the different operating systems available.  


Tips:  If you want a print copy of the Linux Comics, they can be purchased from the Hackett and Bankwell website as well.


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Linux Comics  in your classroom.

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