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Illuminations Resources for Teaching Math

What it is: Illuminations Resources for Teaching Math is a gold mine of interactive activities for the math classroom. The site has over 100 interactive math activities for teaching and practicing math in kindergarten through twelfth grades.  These are high quality games, interactives, and simulations for the math classroom.  You are sure to find something to use in your math class that will increase understanding!

How to integrate Illuminations Resources for Teaching Math into the classroom:  This site is ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard in the math classroom.  The activities help students understand concepts that can be difficult by inviting them to interact with the concept.  If you don’t have access to an interactive whiteboard, you can demonstrate math concepts from a teacher computer connected to a projector.  Students can practice and interact with concepts on classroom computers set up as a math center or individually in the computer lab setting.  


Tips:  To narrow the list of activities, choose a grade level to narrow activity results.


Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Illuminations Resources for Teaching Math in your classroom.

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  1. I use Geometric Solids in the computer lab to have the students complete a table with information about the number of edges, vertices, and faces of 8 solid figures. They click on them and a color appears which allows them to count very easily. This follows the initial lesson of introducing the parts on geometric models.

    I also love the Product Game. I usually play the class first using a projector. We discuss the stratgies that can be used in placing the marker on different factors. The students are practicing their multiplication facts while using logic. I use this in a flex group during our small group time during the math lesson.

    I’d love to hear about your successes with other manipulatives.

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