Literature-Map: Help students find new authors to fall in love with

Literature Map: Help students find new author to fall in love with

What it is: Literature Map is a literature recommendation system. It is really easy to discover a new author. Start by searching for an author you enjoy, and magically a map of names will appear based on what other readers of that author have read. The closer that two writers are on the map, the more likely it is that you will like both of them. Click on any name on the map to travel further and find more recommendations.

Literature Map- find your next favorite author

How to integrate Literature Map into the classroom: It’s a common problem, a student falls in LOVE with an author and devours everything the author has ever written. Then they come to the end of their journey and a sort of sadness hangs over them, there is nothing more. Enter Literature Map. Students can easily enter the name of the beloved author and discover others they are sure to love, leading them down a rabbit trail of reading utopia! Students can discover new voices, genres, and keep the love of reading alive. Literature Map is a great site to bookmark on classroom computers, in the library, or on student devices.

If your students do an author study, this site could be useful for helping them find related authors and then using Wolfram Alpha to compare the authors they find side by side.

Tips: Hat tip to @michellek107 for sharing this with Anastasis staff this week!


What it is:  Readicide is a new ebook from Kelly Gallagher about how schools are killing the love of reading.  It is being made available here Jan. 13 and 14 as a free download.  I downloaded Readicide earlier today and am loving it.  The ebook reminds me of what made me love reading, the times when I hated reading, and how my students feel about reading.  It is inspiring and may just give you the jolt you need to shake up your reading program and make your classroom the place where students fall in love with reading again (or the very first time).


How to integrate Readicide into the classroom:   Download Readicide ASAP!   Then send to your administration and fellow teaching staff to read.  Open up communication about your reading program at the next staff meeting, be critical.  Lets start a reading revolution!!


Tips: Download today while the ebook is free 🙂  I vote “readicide” to be considered as a new word for Webster to add to the dictionary.


Leave a comment and tell us what you think of Readicide and your ideas for bring a love of reading into your classroom.