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Do You Want to Form an Alliance With Me? (Take 2)


In March, I posed the following question: Do You Want to Form an Alliance With Me?  I asked educators around the world to join me in an exercise of blogging, commenting, and encouraging other blogging educators.  The response was amazing.  74 educators signed up to be a part of the alliance.  We committed to commenting on each other’s posts, following each other on Twitter, and encouraging one another in teaching and learning.  In the past two months I have grown immeasurably as a result of the alliance.  I have been introduced to exceptional resources, forward thinking teachers, new friendships, an incredible support system, and had the opportunity to peek inside of classrooms around the world.  I believe that those involved in the alliance have been equally inspired.  I asked the members of the current alliance to weigh in with their impressions of the alliance.  We compiled the answers on the following Wallwisher (click to enlarge).

Picture 3

I have had many requests for an expansion of the Educator Blogging Alliance, today I am opening the alliance to other interested educators.  Before you fill out the form to join, I would ask that you read my original post about the alliance here.

Here is a snip from the original post:

“The Alliance…

After reading the alliance article an idea began to take shape.  What if we, educational bloggers, were to form an alliance.  No need for the secrecy.  This alliance would be a group of educational bloggers who are committed to working together for the mutual benefit of all the members in the alliance.  We all have something valuable to add to the conversation of education and learning.  Each of us has a unique voice, outlook, approach, skills, strengths, and focuses.

The goal of the alliance is two fold:

1. To encourage educators in their blogging endeavors whether they be new, established, or otherwise.  There are so many valuable additions to the conversation that are being overlooked.

2. To create a united network of educators working toward the larger goal of being heard by those not in education.  It is time for the general public to see us for the highly qualified professionals that we are.

How the Alliance could work…

1. Commenting on each others blogs– in the Problogger article, those in the alliance committed to commenting on each others blogs at least once every week day.  The comments should stimulate interesting discussions, and encourage those involved that someone, is indeed, reading their blog.

2. Linking to One Another- This could be linking to related posts on another educational bloggers website, adding them to your blog roll, or naturally as a result of subscribing to one another’s blogs.

3. Social Bookmarking and Tweeting- This is my personal favorite suggestion, Twitter has done wonders for iLearn Technology as my PLN passes on my posts to others.  Promoting  posts on Twitter, Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon increases awareness of what educators around the world are doing that works.  It also connects those new to educational blogging.

4. Guest Posts- Guest posting could be an opt-in option for the alliance.  I know that it isn’t always possible to find time to write a blog post for your blog, let alone polish it enough for someone else’s blog.

5.  Thank You Page Promotions- When someone signs up to receive your RSS feed, they are generally taken to a page thanking them for subscribing.  This Thank You Page could also be used to promote other education blogs.  For example: “If you like iLearn Technology, you should also be sure to check out blog A, B, C, and D.”

I hope you will join us in this undertaking, I believe that when educators work together, we become an unstoppable force for change.   I am putting a time limit on the enrollment so that we can get a good group together that is committed to supporting and encouraging one another.  If you would like to join us, please do so before May 21, 2010.  I will organize the group and have us up and running by May 28, 2010.  So, do you want to form an alliance with me? If you are in, please fill out the following form (inactive after May 21st).

Founder of Anastasis Academy, The Learning Genome Project, 5Sigma Education Conference, tech integration specialist, instructional coach, writer, dreamer.

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  1. I have passed this along to the others in my office. I hope they will join you. They have heard me speak of how many wonderful resources, and ideas I have gotten from this first alliance. Thank you for doing this.

  2. Hi Kelly,

    So happy you are giving more educators the opportunity to join the alliance. I am already at awe with the work being done by these wonderful teachers from all over the world. Am really looking forward to have more join us. Thank you so much for taking the time to organize everything.

  3. The Alliance has helped me in so many ways. The support from other teachers has allowed me to grow as a teacher. Thanks for putting this all together. We are all better teachers because of it. Keep up the great work Kelly.

  4. Being a part of Kelly’s original alliance has been amazing for me. Close relationships with people across the globe have been formed and my PLN is all the richer for it. Kelly is a generous educator and person and I say you’d be mad not to accept her amazing offer.

  5. I feel very selfish, I get so much out of the Alliance, it is good to know you all are benefiting from it just as much!

  6. Thanks Alex, I think expanding the alliance can only bring a stronger voice, and stronger teachers to education. Thank you for all you do to keep it strong!

  7. The blogging alliance has helped me in so many ways. I strongly encourage you to put your name in and just see what happens. I admit that I wasn’t too sure my blog was “good enough” to be a part of it in the beginning, but I am so glad that fear did not stand in the way. I just think about all the great people, resources, and ideas I would have missed if it had. So go on and take a chance … it will be worth it!!

  8. Kelly, despite the fact that I failed miserably at my commitment to keep up with the alliance and comment and share, I still feel like I met some great new people and learned a lot. Maybe with this “re-up” I’ll be able to get in the swing more….

  9. Kelly, I love being part of the alliance. Each morning when I check my reader I get a day’s worth of profesional development! It’s great for educators to have such a network of resources.

  10. I am currently trying to convince some of my former colleagues the power of a virtual PLN. I have gotten so much out of the original alliance (and I’m trying to get better at commenting more regularly…it seems to go in spurts!) I would love to re-join you in your next endeavor and will hopefully be able to spread the word with those on the cusp of joining Twitterverse, the blogging world and the overall network of educators! Thanks for all of your hard work organizing us…I know it can sometimes be like herding cats! 🙂

  11. The blogging alliance has helped me in so many ways. I strongly encourage you to put your name in and just see what happens. I admit that I wasn’t too sure my blog was “good enough” to be a part of it in the beginning, but I am so glad that fear did not stand in the way. I just think about all the great people, resources, and ideas I would have missed if it had. So go on and take a chance … it will be worth it!!

  12. Being part of this alliance has connected me with wonderful educators and enriched my learning so much. I know this sounds like one of those testimonials where the public says how great the product is 🙂 But it’s true!! Thank you Kelly …

  13. I found the first bloggers alliance invaluable for me as a new blogger. Through it I have made amazing connections and since I have met a few, life long friends. Now that I am self hosting my blog and bravely starting a new one, I am hoping to update my bloggers alliance details. the more I blog, the more I reflect and grow as a teacher. Kelly you are amazing

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