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James Patterson’s Read Kiddo Read

What it is:  James Patterson’s Read Kiddo Read is a website dedicated to making kids readers for life.  This site has a wealth of good information and resources that will help you foster a love of reading in your classroom.  Read Kiddo Read has outstanding book lists for every age group.  These are tried and true favorites kids books.  In addition, Read Kiddo Read has some outstanding features such as a can’t miss reading list just for boys, and an “if your kid likes…” that matches up popular kids toys and movies with books that they may enjoy.  There is a great book-based lesson plan exchange that uses popular kids books as the basis for lessons.  Read Kiddo Read has some audio interviews with favorite children’s authors complete with a written transcript. How to integrate Read Kiddo Read into the classroom:   I’m sure that you have encountered at least one student who was dead set against reading.  You make suggestions, walk the library together, ask about interests but just can’t seem to find the book that hooks them.  Read Kiddo Read is a site that will help you to crack the code for those students who just aren’t interested in reading.  Search books by age, books just for boys, and books matched to other interests, movies, and toys that a student enjoys.  You are bound to find something that they love.  Use the author interviews as an introduction to reading or writing.  Students will be inspired to write when they listen to stories of how the ‘pros’ do it.  Be sure to check out the outstanding library of lesson plans based on popular children’s books.  Read Kiddo Read is a great place to get inspired and put some excitement in your reading classroom.   Tips:  Be sure to register for free on the Read Kiddo Read website, you will become part of a great community of teachers and parents passionate about creating life long readers. Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Read Kiddo Read in your classroom.

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We Give Books: Read digital picture books online for free

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What it is: We Give Books is a fantastic initiative from Pearson.  Here, you will find award winning digital picture books for students through age ten.   There is a mix of fiction and non-fiction, a variety of authors, and a balance of read-aloud books and independent readers.  New books are added every month along with special, seasonal books.  Now any student with internet access also has access to high-quality picture books!  Even better? The more books you read, the more books that are made available for everyone.  Choose a book to read, choose a literacy partner campaign to support through your reading, and the more that you read, the more books that are shared with those that need them.  Way cool! The site reminds me of Lookybook (which is sadly no more).  I’m happy to *finally* see another option!
How to integrate We Give Books into the classroom: We Give Books instantly increases your classroom library and puts high-quality books within reach for children everywhere.  We Give Books makes an excellent companion to the interactive whiteboard or projector-connected classroom computer for a class read along.  Pull up a story and read the book chorally, ask students to take turns reading, or simply follow along.  Everyone can see the pictures and words!  This is a great resource for practicing reading strategies together as a class.
We Give Books makes a wonderful reading station on classroom computers.  Students can access wonderful stories any time through We Give Books.  For those students that struggle with indpendent reading (or are emergent readers) there is a read-along option on some of the stories.  Students can follow along with the reading building fluency, flow and vocabulary.
If you are a primary or elementary teacher, this is a must-add link to your classroom website or blog.  Be sure to share the site with families so that students can access the same wonderful library of books from home.  Students (and teachers) can create their own library where they keep the books they have read (or enjoy reading).  To add a book to a library, you must be a member of We Give Books- no problem, it is quick and free to become a member!
Tips:  Students can use the word cloud on the right side of the We Give Books page to find books about their favorite subjects.  Thank you to @Shannonmmiller for pinning We Give Books on Pinterest, it is a great find!

Please leave a comment and share how you are using We Give Books in  your classroom!

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In 2nd grade we are focusing on comparing non-fiction texts. We read aloud The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and compared it to Abe Lincoln the Boy Who Loved Books. Both stories are inspiring tales of learners unable to attend school but become motivated life-long learners, teaching themselves from books.

[...] We Give Books is another outstanding place to find free [...]

I would like to use the resources with my Grade 4 class!

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