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What it is: Sometimes students just need a place to get out some creative energy.  Bomomo is the perfect place to send them.  Bomomo lets creativity run wild with a new kinds of painting tools.  Students imaginations will run with the possibilities that this site offers.  There just isn’t any other painting program like it.  Try it out for the full effect.  Student masterpieces can be saved to the desktop offline, these would make great customized desktop images. How to integrate Bomomo into the classroom: Allow students to create their own desktop images for classroom computers using Bomomo.  Teach your students about abstract artists and art, then let them create their own with Bomomo.  Ask older students to describe (in writing) what each tool does, how it works, what happens when they click or move their mouse.  Have students compare their finished descriptions finding common language and differences.  Students can come up with common definitions for each tool.  This is a great exercise in descriptive writing, explanatory writing, and observation.  My students asked if they could use Bomomo to create CD covers for the music that they created in GarageBand, of course I said yes!  This is a fun site to explore as a class using an interactive whiteboard or projector. This site is so calming and captivating, I wonder if it would be a good one for students to play with before taking tests? Tips: There are two ways to save student creations: normal and high quality.  Normal saves as a jpg and high quality saves as a png image. Please leave a comment and share how you are using Bomomo in your classroom.

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Free Twitter Posters For Your Classroom

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Twitter Poster for Your Classroom- iLearn TechnologySometimes I forget all of the work I’ve done over the years.  Tonight, I was cleaning up my computer…it may not be spring, but it was definitely time!  Cleaning up always tends to be a trip down memory lane.  I’ve forgotten the sheer AMOUNT of things I’ve created.  It really is impressive when you look at 10 years of creation in an hour, it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something and maybe like you could take over the whole education world if you wanted to.  That, right there, is reason enough to do some file clean up!  Twitter Poster for Your Classroom- iLearn Technology

Tonight the #edchat topic on Twitter was all about connected educators.  Being connected has transformed my life.  I mean, I started a school you guys! This was largely due to my personal learning network helping me hone my craft, challenge my thinking and cheer me on.  As I was rifling through files, I came across a set of Twitter posters that I created for teachers new to Twitter and for teachers using Twitter in their classroom.  In light of the conversation tonight, I thought they were worth sharing again.  Feel free to download, share with some friends and use!

Download here!

Twitter Poster for Your Classroom- iLearn TechnologyTwitter Poster for Your Classroom- iLearn TechnologyTwitter Poster for Your Classroom- iLearn TechnologyTwitter Poster for Your Classroom- iLearn TechnologyTwitter Poster for Your Classroom- iLearn Technology

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The posters look great! How do we get them?

[…] So I’ve already been thinking about ways I could use twitter in the classroom. Finding this blog definitely helped me out a lot in the thought process and reassured me that twitter in the classroom […]

Click on the link, this will take you to my Issuu page where you can download the posters.

Can the posters be downloaded without signing in to Issuu?

[…] you want to get really fancy, share my Twitter posters as a party gift.  Help those who haven’t signed up to sign up and connect to those they met […]

Hi Jan,
I believe you do have to have an issuu account to download.

[…] This post on the blog, iLearn Technology, features free posters about Twitter to use in the classroom, as well as some ideas for using Twitter for school. Although this might not be the best tool for elementary classrooms, I might teach junior high science, and I’m sure those students would love doing something like this. […]

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