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What it is: Nota is an incredible online collaboration tool that allows students and teachers to collaborate almost instantaneously on a shared whiteboard space.  Instantly create and share any kind of document, presentations, notebooks, report, artwork, etc.. Nota makes any type of document and media work together seamlessly.  The Nota interface is extremelly intuitive, it is quick to learn and use.  Materials can be shared and edited simultaneously making it a truly incredible collaborative experience.  Materials can be uploaded or added from sites like Flickr, YouTube, Google Maps, Wikipedia, and more.  The Nota drawing tools work with any media or document in Nota.  Public or private notebooks can be created.  Collaborate with one or a hundred people on Nota and create as many pages as you want.  Finished work can be stored, printed, or embeded.  Best of all Nota is totally free!

How to integrate Nota into the classroom: Nota is the ultimate in online collaboration.  It reminds me a little bit of a glog but Nota goes way beyond Glogster in so many ways.  Nota can be used to complete group projects between students.  The instant collaborative abilities mean that students can see each group members contribution instantaneously.  Imagine using Nota to work on difficult math problems, create science diagrams, compare and contrast historical figures, create a character sketch of a character from a classroom novel, etc..  The possibilities are endless for collaborative learning.  Work on a common notebook for whole class projects where each student is responsible for a contribution to the Nota.  Make interactive whiteboards a truly interactive experience by combining with Nota.  Throughout teaching, have students add their new learning to a common Nota notebook.  At the end of teaching, use the interactive whiteboard to view the Nota and add any additional information and resources to it.  Print out or send the Nota to students as a study guide that they helped create.  Nota creates an impressive mashup of media and documents and allows users to collaborate and combine knowledge.  When students work together to construct knowledge, they end up with a greater, more complete understanding of material.

Tips: Nota works with any web browser making it ideal for the classroom setting where students may not have the same computing platforms or Internet browsers at home.

Leave a comment and tell us how you are using Nota in your classroom.

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