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Flash & Thunder- Part graphic novel, part game, all fun and learn

What it is: INVICTA Challenge combines technology (in the form of an action-packed video game), a graphic novel, maps, an operation packet and an action figure that inspires kids to read and problem solve. Each INVICTA Challenge collection builds problem solving and leadership skills for students 8-14. Part story, part game, students are placed in historical situations where they get to make the decisions that will determine success or failure. The first challenge, Flash & Thunder lets students walk in the shoes of an American Hero. How to Integrate INVICTA Challenge in your classroom: These challenges are a fun and new way to foster literacy, history, and leadership skills in your classrooms. Stories are highly visual and have enough action and adventure to keep even your reluctant readers engaged. The game component of the challenge almost takes on a choose your own adventure feel as it pairs with the graphic novel, maps, and missions. The first challenge, Flash & Thunder tells the true story of a Native American paratrooper’s D-Day leadership. The way that this combination puts students in the middle of the story is fantastic. Students aren’t passive readers…it is impossible! With Flash and Thunder, students are in the middle of the action, analyzing options, making decisions, evaluating the decisions and building comprehension and understanding of history all the way. The INVICTA challenge is like a smart recombination of the things I enjoyed most from my own childhood: American Girl dolls/Books, Oregon Trail…only with a major upgrade. At Anastasis, we’ve been working on an inquiry unit about change makers and the power of one. The INVICTA challenge has been a fantastic launching off point for students as they consider what it means to be a change maker, and what characteristics make up a change maker. This interactive challenge/book/game put students in the middle of thinking like a change maker, building leadership traits like integrity, nobility, valor, initiative, curiosity, tenacity, and accountability. This challenge would be an excellent addition to your classroom library. You might want a few copies so that students can read together and work through the game and missions together in a book group. The video game component will be available on iOS, Android, and online here. Take a look! Tips: The INVICTA Challenges can be purchased at Barnes and Noble for $34.99. For all that is included in this kit, it is truly a great value! I’m so excited for the other challenges to come out, some very exciting stories and characters are on their way! Full disclosure: INVICTA sent me the Flash and Thunder challenge so that I could review it for you all here. But… You can win your own Flash and Thunder challenge at the 5Sigma Education Conference in February! If you register for the conference today, you can save 20% using the code: CYBERMONDAY at check out. Not only will you get the opportunity to win one of these great challenge kits for your classroom, you also get a conference experience like no other!

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31 of My Favorite Digital Storytelling Sites

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I am working on starting a virtual classroom…actually when it is all said and done, it will look more like a virtual club.  I have opened up my virtual classroom to students in 3rd-8th grade.  My first offering is going to be digital storytelling.  In honor of that, I thought I would share the sites I am going to use with the students, as well as some other favorites for digital storytelling.

1. Google Search Stories Video Creator– This is a YouTube site that lets you create a digital story out of a series of Google Searches, you really have to check it out to get the full effect!

2. PicLits– This is an all time favorite of mine, PicLits lets students choose a picture and then draw from a word bank to create a sentence or story to accompany the picture.

3. Domo Animate- This is my favorite story animation tool.  It gives students so much flexibility and freedom in telling their story, the results are amazing!

4. StoryBird- This site lets students create stories based on beautiful illustrations by real artists; better yet, it lets students create stories collaboratively!

5. Animoto– The free version of Animoto lets students create 30 second videos that combine images, songs, and text. It combines them all for an impressive presentation without a lot of fuss.

6. ZooBurst- ZooBurst is one that I haven’t used with students yet but I am excited to.  ZooBurst is a new site that lets students create virtual 3D popup books.  Even better, it lets students print out a special marker and view their popup book augmented reality style as it comes to life using a webcam!

I couldn’t fit in all of my favorite digital storytelling tools into a 5 week class, here are some more favorites:

7. Myths and Legends

8. Shidonni– One of my students very favorite websites of all time, this one gets requested a lot!

9. Smile Box

10. Kerpoof– another student favorite!

11. Glogster

12. Creaza

13. Voice Thread

14. Graphic Novel Creator- Comic Master

15. Stage’d

16. ePub Bud– publish ebooks for ebook readers like the iPad

17. Virsona– a different kind of digital storytelling but neat none the less!

18. Zimmer Twins– one of my students very favorite ways to tell a story!

19. Fotobabble

20. Picture Book Maker

21. Nota– collaborative workspace

22. My Story Maker

23. Xtranormal

24. Do Ink

25. Piki Kids Comic Creator

26. Bubblr!

Sites to get students writing:

27. Lightening Bug

28. What-if questions for stories

29. The Story Starter Jr. -Created by my friend Joel Heffner!

30. The Story Starter- Also created by Joel!

31. PinBall-bounce ideas around

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Dear Kelly,

they are all awesome, love that you have put them all here in the one post.

I use most of these regularly with the kids.

This is a great post. Thank you for putting all these resources together. I will be livebinder-ing it for the future to use in my classroom. (And for fun for me!)

What an awesome list! Thanks for putting it together.


This post is brimming with great sites. I can vouch for VoiceThread as a great way to have asynchronous discussions outside of class in high school. Thank you for sharing!~wackjacq

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Nancy Stewart, dakinane and Kathy Rice, Joe. Joe said: A great technology site for educators to browse and brainstorm ideas for classroom integration: http://bit.ly/bej7gD @ktenkely #edchat […]

I am so pleased to see you have as liberal an interpretation for digital storytelling as i do, Kelly! Any place that has kids involved in some kind of story creation has my applause for sure.

I am working on my own list currently but it keeps growing. One day i will just have to draw a line and publish it. One of my very favourites that you didn’t mention is ToonDoo. Kids can even make little books there, as well as comics. http://www.toondoo.com And StoryJumper is another neat book creation place that I am sure you will love. http://www.storyjumper.com/

I am also a huge fan of Notaland (the same people who did PhotoPeach I think) and it surprises me not to see it used/mentioned on more blogs.

What a great list of websites! I’m looking forward to checking out some of the ones I’m not familiar with. I’ve used Zimmertwins with students and it’s a hit. Glogster also works well.
Thanks for another great list of ideas.

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I love when you do roundup posts like these. I can’t always keep up with your daily posts but these I find extremely valuable, especially for adding sites to my Digital Backpack. It would be awesome if you did this as a blog series.

[…] iLearn Technology » Blog Archive » 31 of My Favorite Digital Storytelling Sites […]

[…] it is: As I mentioned a few days ago, I am starting a virtual classroom/club for digital storytelling.  I have been […]

I love this collection. I’m always looking for new resources for my students. Thanks for the work.

I am constantly amazed by how much you are connected to the web2.0. Any time I have a problem or need I can dial up iLearn Tech and find a link to a website which provides a solution. My students have benefitted because they get immediate access to applications which help them be creative, innovative, and successful. Thanks for your continued efforts!

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What a great list! Thanks! I wasn’t aware of about half of these!

A fantastic and generous idea and a brilliant list of resources for educators. Thanks for taking the time to share.

[…] iLearn Technology » Blog Archive » 31 of My Favorite Digital Storytelling… -In honor of that, I thought I would share the sites I am going to use with the students, as well as some other favorites for digital storytelling. […]

Thanks Carl, I know the feeling…I can never keep up with your Link Stews or backpack additions try as I might, some times we need the cliffnote versions :)

I just shared your post with my club. Thank you for your wonderful hard work

I’m glad that internet technology has benefited not only entrepreneurs like me but students and educators alike. Its comforting to know that teachers like you are constantly exploring and utilizing the best this technology can offer in educating our kids. My kudos to you and all teachers out there.

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I love this list! Thanks so much for sharing…now I have some fun new things to try out over the break. :)

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That is a great one Heather! I wrote this post before Little Bird Tales existed!

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[…] 31 of My Favorite Digital Storytelling Sites Source: ilearntechnology.com […]

[…] 31 Favorite Digital Storytelling Sites […]

I am a kindergarten teacher looking for ways to use digital storytelling in my classroom. After much research, I came across your site/blog. I feel as if I hit the jackpot. I have been able to check out the different sites to see what will work with my students. Your list saved me hours of time. Thank you! Thank you!

Any good suggestions from anyone for the kindergarten level would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I used a digital storytelling tool that used an open face book where the pages turned just like a book. Students could add their own pictures and text and it could be embedded into a website. My problem is I cannot remember the name of the tool. Anyone know of a site like this?

Little Bird Tales (www.littlebirdtales.com) is a great digital storytelling site for kinder all the way up to adult (though it was made for younger children, we have adults that use it, too). Add your own photos, artwork, digital images or draw online using the integrated art pad. Then add text and your voice to each page and email to friends and family. Super easy, fast and fun! Kids go nuts (happy) when we use it in computer lab! It’s engaging and allows the students to truly be creative and personal in their use of it. FREE! App available, too!

[…] Titta på denna sida där det finns en sammanställning över olika webbverktyg som stödjer digitalt berättande. http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=3190 […]

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