ISTE10 video

ISTE 10 Videos

ISTE 10 was an incredible conference and experience.  Learning didn’t only occur during the sessions, it happened in the conversations and collaboration between the sessions.  As I mentioned in my last post, it was so much fun to meet members of my PLN in person.  We seemed to fall into conversation and joking like old friends (which I suppose is what we are).   Edublogger Alliance member Buzz Garwood orchestrated some excellent conversations that can be viewed in the following videos:

I was honored that Buzz included me in these videos, but absolutely floored that I got to be in a video with David Warlick.  David’s blog, 2Cents Worth, is the first educational blog that I read.  Corey, Amy, and I got a mini keynote right there while we listened to Buzz interview David.  Once again, as I listened to my peers speak about teaching, learning, and technology I was overwhelmed by the greatness I am surrounded by daily in my PLN.   You guys are amazing!

There are two parts to our video: 21st Century Classroom.  In part one we share our insights on teaching and learning in a digital age.  In part two, we discuss the challenge of using IT to make the classroom relevant and engage students in a learning lifestyle.  (As a side note, I love the idea of ditching the phrase life-long learner for learning lifestyle.)

Personal Learning Networks is another video that Buzz took during the conference, in it he interviews some of the members of my PLN as well as members of the iLearn Technology blogging alliance.

Thank you Buzz for collecting all of this on video, it was a pleasure to meet you and work with you in person!

And Now for something completely different, take a look at this ISTE10 fashion video that my colleague Amy and I got roped into.  Good for a laugh anyway!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the videos. I thought Buzz’s videos were very well-done and touched on some really important ideas. I appreciate being able to connect with some of these resources and experiences through your blog.

  2. I think it is sensational that those of us half a world away that could not attend the conference can access these resources!

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