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iLearn Technology Change the World: Vote for your favorite Donor’s Choose Project

**** UPDATE The poll has closed due to the OVERWHELMING number of votes, however, your vote can still be counted!  Please leave a comment with your name and the project you would like to cast your vote for. Voting ends on December 20, 2010.  Thank you!

In September, I joined @adambellow’s Change the World project here on iLearn Technology donating 1 penny for every unique visitor that I had on iLearn Technology in a little over a month.  Right before Thanksgiving I announced the amount I would be donating ($400) and have since received some generous donations to add to mine.  I asked you all for your Donor’s Choose projects that needed funding. The results are below and it is time to start voting!  Send this post to all of your family and friends until December 20 and ask them to vote. Depending on the winner, I may be able to fund some runner’s up as well.  It isn’t too late to add a donation, you can help us fund even more!  Please contact me or leave a comment if you would like to help fund one of these awesome projects!

The time has come to start voting for the Donor’s Choose project(s) to fund!

Founder of Anastasis Academy, The Learning Genome Project, 5Sigma Education Conference, tech integration specialist, instructional coach, writer, dreamer.

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  1. Gerard, I am unable to change the poll link but keep sending people to vote for the current link, if it is a winner I will fund yours 🙂

  2. My boyfriend voted today and he said the count did not move up one after he voted. Are we doing something wrong on our end?

  3. The only reason it wouldn’t move up is if he voted from an IP address that has already been voted from (i.e. same computer). Otherwise it could have just been a glitch, definitely have him give it a go again!

  4. I think as a student this would be one of the best donations to a classroom, as i personally would be very excited if my class could use i-pods for research. If my class had 4-ipods and this type of technology I would be very interested in learning, and creating new things with the assistance of this kind of technology in my class. Go Michael Cohen!

  5. Hi Gerard, I just checked into it and my poll has reached it’s max number of votes. Pass the word that I will count comments as a vote until December 20. I’ll update the post to reflect that as well. Thank you for letting me know!

  6. I have been a classroom teacher for 42 years, nonstop. I know I’m partial in deciding who has the best project because Gerard is my son; however, any reading teacher who reads, anylyzes and compares the project proposals can see the tremendous potential Tag Readers have in engaging his students actively in their own learning. Their reading skills will actually “leap frog” toward mastery!

  7. Gerard, you are absolutely right. That is exactly what I mean. This is why late night posts are a bad idea! Thanks for catching that typo!

  8. I would like to vote for Gerard Dypiangco’s project. His mom was our high school teacher who was passionate and dedicated to her work! For sure, the same dedication and passion runs in her son’s blood as well. Go, Gerard!

  9. Gerard Dypiangcco’s project sounds the BEST!!!
    His project should get the funding! Thanks in advance
    for your favourable consideration!

  10. hi um i voted on the comments and i doesn’t even show my comment, and also i’ve voted before and it didnt increase the number of votes.

  11. I vote for Gerard Dypiangco’s Tag Readers! Am I eligible to vote as I live in Sydney? Gerard’s Mom taught me World History and History of Art in high school oh, so many years ago – and there seems to be so much I came to know because of her passion for teaching. Even on her recent trip to Sydney, we felt like we were back in high school absorbing her words of wisdom. I am confident Gerard would be as dedicated to knowledge as his Mom has been, is sure to be. Thanks.

  12. Gerard, your passion for making reading and learning thrilling experiences for your students, amazes me. Keep at it, Gerard, for your influence will live on – just as your mother, Mrs. Dypiangco, who was our teacher/mentor from 40-or-so years ago, continues to encourage us to this day! An educator such as you, have my VOTE!

  13. I vote for Gerard Dypiangco’s project. I am sure all the other projects are just as worthy, but I feel a personal connection to Gerard since his Mom was my teacher more than 40 years ago – and to this day she continues to inspire me. So count this as my vote of confidence in Gerard’s project.

  14. Thank you for helping our children to continue to grow. Our country’s youth are going to have it rough. They need all the help we can give them

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